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The world's first conversational AI building optimization solution.

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AI driven autonomous optimization of buildings and mechanical systems is our business.

Most "analytic" or "fault detection" solutions fall short from resolution. is all about taking action to automatically correct configuration defects, which are leading causes of inefficiencies in building operation. Our technology "closes the loop" by completing the fault detection cycle.



We do not stop at the "big open three" (BACnet, Echelon LonWorks and Modbus) when it comes to connection. We have the ability to connect to disparate, legacy, and proprietary systems.



Our software gateway solutions are deep integrations featuring read/write command, as well as BAS schedule editing, configuration, and supervisory controller device remote reset capabilities.



Our conversational AI bots remove the need to look through multiple pages of non-actionable reports for information. Simply query the bots for information or to efficiently determine task execution.

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Optimize Building Performance

Every year in the United States, the building sector accounts for over 40% of total energy usage responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. uses artificial intelligence technology supporting self-operating buildings to drive efficiency in building system performance, allowing you to maximize on your investment decisions.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence

Our technology uses machine teaching, cloud-based computing to proactively instruct building systems on how to operate more efficiently. connects to and autonomously analyzes HVAC equipment in real time, leading to predictive strategies and immediate correction to achieve optimization and increased energy efficiency 24/7/365.

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Our Call to Action takes a holistic approach to achieve a measurable impact on communities, with a focus on energy use and CO2 reduction. The technology is available, the expertise has been gathered, the opportunity for innovation is limitless, and the need to take action is urgent.

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Our Clients

We are working with several universities and large national retail clients. Please contact us for references.

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